path: root/tox.ini
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-08Migrate to stestr as unit tests runnerYushiro FURUKAWA
2019-02-20fix tox python3 overridesAkihiro Motoki
2019-02-19Fix gate issues on masterNate Johnston
2018-12-27Convert policy.json into policy-in-codeAkihiro Motoki
2018-11-06Add python 3.6 unit test jobNguyen Hai Truong
2018-10-25Update tox minversion to 2.0wanghui
2018-10-20Merge "Add dependency for generating reno"Zuul
2018-09-24add local tox targets for pep8 and py3Boden R
2018-08-10Add dependency for generating renoYushiro FURUKAWA
2018-07-10Exclude requirements from doc8Szymon Datko
2018-07-07Merge "Check pep8 without ignoring D000"Zuul
2018-07-06Merge "Add fullstack testing for neutron-fwaas"Zuul
2018-07-06[Gate] Avoid sphinx_build error and fix functional testNguyen Van Trung
2018-05-30Check pep8 without ignoring D000Dao Cong Tien
2018-05-22Add fullstack testing for neutron-fwaasNate Johnston
2018-04-06Follow the new PTI for document buildNguyen Hai
2018-03-22add lower-constraints jobDoug Hellmann
2018-03-15Avoid tox-install.shAndreas Jaeger
2018-02-07Enable hacking-extensions H204, H205Luong Anh Tuan
2017-12-20Add doc8 to pep8 check for neutron-fwaas projectNguyen Van Trung
2017-12-15Replace jsonutils by common json packageNguyen Van Trung
2017-09-13Use shim tool for ostestrArmando Migliaccio
2017-08-28Remove log translationsYushiro FURUKAWA
2017-08-26Merge "Enable some off-by-default checks"Jenkins
2017-07-24Enable some off-by-default checksloooosy
2017-07-06Use flake8-import-order pluginGary Kotton
2017-06-09Trivial-fix: Remove non ascii charYushiro FURUKAWA
2017-06-08Fixed comments in tox.ini [flake8]Cao Xuan Hoang
2017-04-17Merge "Disable new N537 hacking check from next neutron-lib"Jenkins
2017-04-16Disable new N537 hacking check from next neutron-libIhar Hrachyshka
2017-04-06Remove subunit-trace forkIhar Hrachyshka
2017-03-21Merge "Remove support for py34"Jenkins
2017-02-28Enable to run rootwrap/privsep related functional testsCedric Brandily
2017-02-15Remove support for py34Cao Xuan Hoang
2017-01-17Support neutron-lib hacking check H904Nate Johnston
2017-01-05Enable coverage report in console outputZhaoBo
2016-10-25Add Python 3.5 classifier and venvTony Xu
2016-08-28Use temporary directory for neutron installAndreas Jaeger
2016-08-19Constrain remaining tox targetsIhar Hrachyshka
2016-08-18FWaaS v2 DatabaseNate Johnston
2016-08-09Enable DeprecationWarning in test environmentsHenry Gessau
2016-06-08Remove check_i18n filesGary Kotton
2016-04-24Switch to using hacking checks from neutron-libDoug Wiegley
2016-04-15Don't use zuul-cloner for venv env, for periodic jobsDoug Wiegley
2016-03-07Make all tox targets constrainedIhar Hrachyshka
2016-03-03Merge "Set testenv env for api and scenario testing"
2016-02-23Merge "Modify tox.ini to run dsvm-functional tests"Jenkins
2016-02-22Modify tox.ini to run dsvm-functional testsmadhusudhan-kandadai
2016-02-17Cleanup i18n module usagesAkihiro Motoki
2016-02-12Fix neutron-fwaas cover testsJames Arendt