BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feature/lbaasv2Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into merge-branchKyle Mestery4 years
masterMerge "add python 3.7 unit test job"Zuul3 weeks
stable/ocataimport zuul job settings from project-configDoug Hellmann7 months
stable/pikeMerge "test: Register L3 option in L3 ext tests" into stable/pikeZuul4 months
stable/queenstest: Register L3 option in L3 ext testsAkihiro Motoki5 months
stable/rockyUpper-constrain neutron to stable/rockyElod Illes9 weeks
TagDownloadAuthorAge acf8d19485...OpenStack Release Bot7 days c561e8940a...OpenStack Release Bot3 weeks
12.0.1commit 3f36a0a552...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
13.0.1commit 0876f4dfe7...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
13.0.0commit da4fff7e7a...OpenStack Release Bot7 months da4fff7e7a...OpenStack Release Bot7 months bb165298e0...OpenStack Release Bot8 months 68fd474f73...OpenStack Release Bot9 months 1c91256cba...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
12.0.0commit 1ec25e8f6f...OpenStack Release Bot14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-02-27Merge "add python 3.7 unit test job"HEAD14.0.0.0b2masterZuul
2019-02-27Merge "stop using common db mixin methods"Zuul
2019-02-27Merge "Check the router interface subnet whether used by vpn connection"Zuul
2019-02-20add python 3.7 unit test jobCorey Bryant
2019-02-11stop using common db mixin methodsBoden R
2019-02-07use rpc from neutron-libBoden R
2019-01-30Check the router interface subnet whether used by vpn connectionwujun
2019-01-07doc: Add policy reference14.0.0.0b1Akihiro Motoki
2019-01-07Convert policy.json into policy-in-codeAkihiro Motoki
2019-01-07Merge "Increment versioning with pbr instruction"Zuul