path: root/neutron/services/qos/
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-26use qos constants from neutron-libBoden R
2017-05-23Add precommit calls to the QoSDriver classMiguel Angel Ajo
2017-04-02Improve validation of supported QoS rulesSławek Kapłoński
2017-01-25Transition qos notification driver into qos driverMiguel Angel Ajo
2016-08-27Add QoS minimum bandwidth rule for instance egress trafficRodolfo Alonso Hernandez
2016-07-12Add object versioning to QoS DSCP.David Shaughnessy
2016-05-12Add setting default max_burst value if not given by userSławek Kapłoński
2016-03-18DSCP QoS rule implementationDavid Shaughnessy
2015-08-02Moved QOS_POLICY_ID into qos_consts.pyIhar Hrachyshka
2015-07-27Introduce mechanism to determine supported qos rule types for a pluginIhar Hrachyshka