AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 daysRevert "libvirt: slow live-migration to ensure network is ready"stable/queensDan Smith
10 daysMerge "[placement] Retry allocation writes server side" into stable/queensZuul
10 daysMerge "Fix message for unexpected external event" into stable/queensZuul
10 daysMerge "Reload oslo_context after calling monkey_patch()" into stable/queensZuul
10 daysMerge "Update nova network info when doing rebuild for evacuate operation" in...Zuul
10 daysFix host validity check for live-migrationSivasathurappan Radhakrishnan
11 daysMerge "Fix bad links for admin-guide" into stable/queensZuul
11 daysFix bad links for admin-guideChen
11 daysUpdate nova network info when doing rebuild for evacuate operationpaul-carlton2
12 daysMerge "Make ResourceTracker.stats node-specific" into stable/queensZuul
12 daysMerge "Add recreate test for RT.stats bug 1784705" into stable/queensZuul
12 daysFix message for unexpected external eventMatt Riedemann
13 daysReload oslo_context after calling monkey_patch()Radoslav Gerganov
2018-08-03[placement] Retry allocation writes server sideChris Dent
2018-08-02Merge "Call generate_image_url only for legacy notification" into stable/queensZuul
2018-08-01Make ResourceTracker.stats node-specificMatt Riedemann
2018-08-01Add recreate test for RT.stats bug 1784705Matt Riedemann
2018-08-01Merge "Fix server_group_members quota check" into stable/queensZuul
2018-07-31Merge "unquiesce instance after quiesce failure" into stable/queensZuul
2018-07-31Merge "Handle HostMappingNotFound when deleting a compute service" into stabl...Zuul
2018-07-31Merge "Fix TypeError in prep_resize allocation cleanup" into stable/queensZuul
2018-07-31Merge "Add functional regressions tests for server_group_members OverQuota" i...Zuul
2018-07-31Merge "Disable limits if force_hosts or force_nodes is set" into stable/queensZuul
2018-07-30Merge "Consider hostdev devices when building metadata" into stable/queensZuul
2018-07-30Merge "Refactor _build_device_metadata" into stable/queensZuul
2018-07-29Disable limits if force_hosts or force_nodes is setxulei
2018-07-28Merge "Make host_aggregate_map dictionary case-insensitive" into stable/queensZuul
2018-07-25Make host_aggregate_map dictionary case-insensitiveRajesh Tailor
2018-07-23Call generate_image_url only for legacy notificationBalazs Gibizer
2018-07-18Handle HostMappingNotFound when deleting a compute serviceMatt Riedemann
2018-07-18Add unshelve instance error info to fault tablezhangbailin
2018-07-11Fix server_group_members quota checkChen
2018-07-11Add functional regressions tests for server_group_members OverQuotaMatt Riedemann
2018-07-11hardware: fix hugepages memory usage per intancesSahid Orentino Ferdjaoui
2018-07-11Fix TypeError in prep_resize allocation cleanupMatt Riedemann
2018-07-10unquiesce instance after quiesce failureEric M Gonzalez
2018-07-10Consider hostdev devices when building metadataArtom Lifshitz
2018-07-10Refactor _build_device_metadataArtom Lifshitz
2018-07-08Merge "libvirt: add qemu version check when configuring mtu for network" into...Zuul
2018-07-08Merge "Default embedded instance.flavor.disabled attribute" into stable/queensZuul
2018-07-08Merge "add mtu to libvirt xml for ethernet and bridge types" into stable/queensZuul
2018-07-08Merge "Fix unbound local when saving an unchanged RequestSpec" into stable/qu...Zuul
2018-07-08Merge "Use ironic-tempest-dsvm-ipa-wholedisk-bios-agent_ipmitool-tinyipa in t...Zuul
2018-07-08Merge "Fix regression when listing build_requests with marker and ip filter" ...Zuul
2018-07-08Merge "Update admin/flavors document" into stable/queensZuul
2018-07-08Merge "libvirt: Log breadcrumb for known encryption bug" into stable/queensZuul
2018-07-08Merge "Handle CannotDeleteParentResourceProvider to 409 Conflict" into stable...Zuul
2018-07-08Merge "Handle network-changed event for a specific port" into stable/queensZuul
2018-07-05Default embedded instance.flavor.disabled attributeMatt Riedemann
2018-07-05libvirt: add qemu version check when configuring mtu for networkSahid Orentino Ferdjaoui