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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-18Cleanup files and templates using smart sourcesKevin Carter
2019-02-07Correct notification driverKevin Carter
2018-09-24Update messaging notification configurationAndy Smith
2018-09-04Merge "Add ability to configure cross-origin requests"Zuul
2018-08-31Add ability to configure cross-origin requestsMohammed Naser
2018-07-31Merge "Convert role to use a common systemd mount role"Zuul
2018-07-31Merge "Default MQ RPC/Notify credentials/vhosts to match"Zuul
2018-07-30Convert role to use a common systemd mount roleKevin Carter
2018-07-30Remove glance v1 api and testsJonathan Rosser
2018-07-26Default MQ RPC/Notify credentials/vhosts to matchJesse Pretorius
2018-06-04Restore rabbit driver ssl config optionAndrew Smith
2018-05-30Update to use oslo.messaging services for RPC and NotifyAndrew Smith
2018-05-04Add support for using distribution packages for OpenStack servicesMarkos Chandras
2018-04-03Deprecate auth_uri optionZhongShengping
2018-03-27Convert role to use a common systemd service roleKevin Carter
2018-02-23Skip logging for haproxy health checksMajor Hayden
2018-02-14Remove registry options from scrubber configJimmy McCrory
2017-12-13Add MySQL connection SSL supportJimmy McCrory
2017-12-12Update glance NFS for systemdKevin Carter
2017-12-06Fix systemd init template for program override17.0.0.0b2Jimmy McCrory
2017-11-21Template api/registry enablement settings properlyJesse Pretorius
2017-11-20Allow deployment without glance-registryJesse Pretorius
2017-08-25Update paste, policy and rootwrap configurations 2017-08-25Andy McCrae
2017-08-22Remove glare-paste.ini templateJimmy McCrory
2017-08-15Update paste, policy and rootwrap configurations 2017-08-15Andy McCrae
2017-07-25Implement uWSGI for glance-apiAndy McCrae
2017-06-30Ensure that services restart in a particular orderJesse Pretorius
2017-06-18Deprecate rpc_backend optionZhongShengping
2017-05-23Deprecate rabbit_use_ssl optionZhongShengping
2017-04-26Reduce init restart timeJesse Pretorius
2017-04-05Enable proxy headers parsing16.0.0.0b1Logan V
2017-03-30[Trivial] Fix init unit file commentKevin Carter
2017-03-28Ensure the components are isolated from the systemKevin Carter
2017-02-23Cap the number of worker threadsRavi Gummadi
2017-01-24Update paste, policy and rootwrap configurations 2017-01-24Andy McCrae
2017-01-10Merge "Fix Ceph backed Nova snapshot"Jenkins
2016-12-29Remove pki supportZhongShengping
2016-12-20Fix Ceph backed Nova snapshotSamuel Matzek
2016-12-15Remove Trusty support from os_glance roleAndy McCrae
2016-11-28Detach glance swift_store_auth_insecure from KeystoneAndy McCrae
2016-11-04Fix tmpfiles.d when multiple service are runningMarc Gariepy
2016-10-12Use dictionary for service group mappingsJesse Pretorius
2016-08-04Disable stderr loggingKevin Carter
2016-07-29Fix bug in RPC config that broke Rabbit SSL supportTravis Truman
2016-07-25Merge "Define keystone region name."Jenkins
2016-07-22Provide default for rabbitmq telemetry passwordJimmy McCrory
2016-07-20Allow configuration of multiple rabbit clustersTravis Truman
2016-07-19Define keystone region name.Tim Laszlo
2016-07-18Support service-specific rabbitmq clustersTravis Truman
2016-07-14Update paste, policy and rootwrap configurations 2016-07-14Jesse Pretorius