BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterfix tox python3 overrideshuang.zhiping2 weeks
stable/ocataCorrect fernet token sync race conditionKevin Carter3 weeks
stable/pikeCorrect fernet token sync race conditionKevin Carter3 weeks
stable/queensCorrect fernet token sync race conditionKevin Carter3 weeks
stable/rockyCorrect fernet token sync race conditionKevin Carter3 weeks
15.1.21commit ed2c415725...OpenStack Release Bot10 months
16.0.13commit 5b4bde6377...OpenStack Release Bot10 months
17.0.4commit be874224aa...OpenStack Release Bot10 months aa5cec05cf...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
15.1.20commit e32a664a6e...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
16.0.12commit a7f57f5afe...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
17.0.3commit be874224aa...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
15.1.19commit e32a664a6e...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
16.0.11commit a7f57f5afe...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
17.0.2commit 705f58fb0b...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-03-05fix tox python3 overridesHEADmasterhuang.zhiping
2019-02-27Updated from OpenStack Ansible TestsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2019-02-26Merge "add gentoo support to keystone"Zuul
2019-02-26add gentoo support to keystoneMatthew Thode
2019-02-26Merge "Correct fernet token sync race condition"Zuul
2019-02-23Merge "Remove the private option from include_role"Zuul
2019-02-22Remove the private option from include_roleKevin Carter
2019-02-22Set the user argument in the cron moduleKevin Carter
2019-02-21Correct fernet token sync race conditionKevin Carter
2019-02-20Add keystone_user_pip_packages variableGuilherme Steinm├╝ller