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2018-10-01Add support for openSUSEkaiokassiano
2018-09-03Use a common python build/install roleJesse Pretorius
2018-07-23Remove unnecessary default variablesGuilherme Steinmüller
2018-07-17Fix monascaJean-Philippe Evrard
2018-07-12Execute service setup against a delegated host using Ansible built-in modulesJesse Pretorius
2018-06-28Move database creation into roleJesse Pretorius
2018-06-11Add packages required for osprofilerKevin Carter
2018-04-24Replace virtualenv-tools with a scriptJesse Pretorius
2017-08-03Fix for monasca modules and other minor changesFlávio Ramalho
2017-06-19Monasca role refactoring[+docs]Flávio Ramalho
2017-03-30Ensure the components are isolated from the systemKevin Carter
2017-01-16Clean up developer mode logicLogan V
2016-11-16Merge "Adding required monasca roles so users can query the apis."Jenkins
2016-11-16Adding required monasca roles so users can query the apis.Donovan Francesco (drifterza)
2016-11-16Removing duplicate monasca_bin variable.Donovan Francesco (drifterza)
2016-11-10Fix tmpfiles.d when multiple service are running.Donovan Francesco (drifterza)
2016-11-10Merge "Addressing grafana external role's required variables."Jenkins
2016-11-09Addressing grafana external role's required variables.Donovan Francesco (drifterza)
2016-11-09Simplify pip options/constraints mechanismDonovan Francesco (drifterza)
2016-11-08Optimizing monasca role.Donovan Francesco (drifterza)
2016-11-07Fix linting issues for ansible-lint 3.4.1Donovan Francesco (drifterza)
2016-11-03Better functional tests for monasca-api.Donovan Francesco (drifterza)
2016-11-01Refactoring Monasca role to align more with OSA.Donovan Francesco (drifterza)
2016-08-18Initial CommitDonovan Francesco