BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterSet tempest concurrency to int onlyChandan Kumar4 days
stable/ocataUpdated from OpenStack Ansible TestsOpenStack Proposal Bot6 months
stable/pikeMerge "Revert "Add tempest test blacklist capability"" into stable/pikeZuul6 months
stable/queensimport zuul job settings from project-confighuang.zhiping7 months
stable/rockyRemove tempest_image_dir_owner varChandan Kumar7 days
15.1.21commit 37e5ad05e3...OpenStack Release Bot10 months
16.0.13commit 2f4e0f6453...OpenStack Release Bot10 months
17.0.4commit da22c621b0...OpenStack Release Bot10 months db6a3e0af6...OpenStack Release Bot10 months
15.1.20commit 37e5ad05e3...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
16.0.12commit 2091921509...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
17.0.3commit f747c271a7...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
15.1.19commit 37e5ad05e3...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
16.0.11commit ab0d01abce...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
17.0.2commit e18b1be1cf...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysSet tempest concurrency to int onlyHEADmasterChandan Kumar
5 daysFix tempest_image_dir default var to user's home tempest-image dirChandan Kumar
7 daysMerge "Document os_tempest configuration options"Zuul
11 daysMerge "Create tempest related directories from ansible user"Zuul
14 daysDocument os_tempest configuration optionsMartin Kopec
2019-03-04Create tempest related directories from ansible userChandan Kumar
2019-03-01Merge "Handle ceph_rgws variable being undefined"Zuul
2019-03-01Handle ceph_rgws variable being undefinedChandan Kumar
2019-02-27Merge "Do ping test from tempest host and disable it by default"Zuul
2019-02-27Merge "Update workspace tempest.conf on changes"Zuul