BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge "Update inventory generator to support container gateway override"Zuul46 hours
stable/ocataUpdate doc to use chrony instead of ntpMaxime Guyot6 weeks
stable/pikeUpdate all SHAs for 16.0.25Jean-Philippe Evrard4 weeks
stable/queensMerge "Update all SHAs for 17.1.7" into stable/queensZuul9 days
stable/rockyFixes empty metal_queryDmitriy Rabotjagov2 days
18.1.2commit 2087cd98f2...OpenStack Release Bot10 days
17.1.6commit 53e4533270...OpenStack Release Bot10 days
16.0.24commit 73ea680404...OpenStack Release Bot10 days
18.1.1commit 53ddf1a113...OpenStack Release Bot5 weeks
16.0.23commit a12b7b6c52...OpenStack Release Bot5 weeks
17.1.5commit 74220ff1c5...OpenStack Release Bot5 weeks
17.1.4commit 983a324a3b...OpenStack Release Bot6 weeks
16.0.22commit 911c950612...OpenStack Release Bot7 weeks
18.1.0commit 5903a8dc43...OpenStack Release Bot8 weeks
16.0.21commit bc0098042f...OpenStack Release Bot3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
46 hoursMerge "Update inventory generator to support container gateway override"HEADmasterZuul
6 daysMerge "Make OVN track master branch"Zuul
6 daysMerge "Fixes empty metal_query"Zuul
6 daysMerge "Spice console doesn't work on aarch64+kvm."Zuul
6 daysSpice console doesn't work on aarch64+kvm.Paul Martin
6 daysMake OVN track master branchJean-Philippe Evrard
6 daysUpdate inventory generator to support container gateway overrideJames Denton
6 daysFixes empty metal_queryDmitriy Rabotjagov
6 dayszuul: Add required project openstack/openstack-ansibleJesse Pretorius
7 daysCall ceph-facts role as required by changes to ceph-ansibleJonathan Rosser