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14 daysUpdate author-email in setup.cfgHEADmasterTakashi NATSUME
2019-01-04Don't use upper-constraints when installing packageChris Dent
2018-12-13Tune up documentation to be more useful0.1.0Chris Dent
2018-12-12Sync STANDARDS with placement/nova rc_fieldsChris Dent
2018-12-11Rename ORDERED_CLASSES to STANDARDSChris Dent
2018-12-11Initial automated testing for os-resource-classesChris Dent
2018-09-14fix formatting in READMEChris Dent
2018-09-14Set some real tests for the ids in ORDERED_CLASSESChris Dent
2018-09-14Initial tuning from cookiecutter startChris Dent
2018-09-14Initial Cookiecutter Commit.Chris Dent