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An initial implementation of an AMQP 1.0 based messaging driver
The key driver interfaces are implemented in the ProtonDriver class in The logic for interfacing with Pyngus in order to send/receive messages, manage AMQP connections and links, and handle protocol events is in is a fairly generic socket connection and I/O processor which runs in its own thread. uses the thread to schedule subscription and message send requests from the driver, as well as handle all protocol event callbacks coming from Pyngus. Included in this patch are a set of functional tests that can be run under tox (tox -eamqp1). These tests fully exercise the new driver, from the driver API down to the 'wire' - nothing in the driver is mocked out. The functional tests implement a simple loopback test broker, which allows the driver to send and receive messages via the local network. All RPC call patterns, RPC timeouts, and even broker failover are verified by the included functional tests. This driver uses the Pyngus module, which is a pure-python client API built on the Proton AMQP 1.0 protocol engine library from the Apache Qpid project. Pyngus is available via This driver introduces a dependency on the Proton AMQP 1.0 protocol library, which is a platform-dependent library that must be installed in order to use this driver and run the functional tests. Change-Id: I871703e4cdc04cee3e6c214e911c9df464ede2ed Implements: blueprint amqp10-driver-implementation
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