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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-01-12Move files out of the namespace packageDoug Hellmann
2015-01-08Merge "Fix some comments in a backporting review session"Jenkins
2015-01-07Add a info log when a reconnection occursMehdi Abaakouk
2014-12-27Fix some comments in a backporting review sessionJie Li
2014-12-08The executor doesn't need to set the timeoutMehdi Abaakouk
2014-12-08rabbit: more precise iterconsume timeoutMehdi Abaakouk
2014-12-05Merge "Touch up grammar in warning messages"Jenkins
2014-12-04Merge "Add more TLS protocols to rabbit impl"Jenkins
2014-12-04Merge "Warn user if needed when the process is forked"Jenkins
2014-12-04Touch up grammar in warning messagesDoug Hellmann
2014-12-04Merge "Fix reconnect race condition with RabbitMQ cluster"Jenkins
2014-12-04Reintroduces fake_rabbit config option1.5.1Mehdi Abaakouk
2014-12-02Rabbit: iterconsume must honor timeoutMehdi Abaakouk
2014-12-02Don't use oslo.cfg to set kombu in-memory driverMehdi Abaakouk
2014-12-02Don't share connection pool between driver objectMehdi Abaakouk
2014-11-27Warn user if needed when the process is forkedMehdi Abaakouk
2014-11-27Fix reconnect race condition with RabbitMQ clusterJens Rosenboom
2014-11-25Add more TLS protocols to rabbit implBrant Knudson
2014-11-25Remove the use of PROTOCOL_SSLv3Thomas Goirand
2014-11-19rabbit: uses kombu instead of builtin stuffsMehdi Abaakouk
2014-09-24Enable oslo.i18n for oslo.messagingDavanum Srinivas
2014-09-08Merge "Improve help strings"Jenkins
2014-08-28Improve help stringsAndreas Jaeger
2014-08-27Switch to oslo.utilsJulien Danjou
2014-08-26Merge "Replace lambda method _"Jenkins
2014-08-18Port to Python 3Julien Danjou
2014-08-04Replace lambda method _Christian Berendt
2014-07-17Enabled hacking checks H305 and H3071.4.0.0a4Christian Berendt
2014-06-25Replace usage of str() with six.text_typeAaron Rosen
2014-06-21Removes the use of mutables as default argsChangBo Guo(gcb)
2014-06-20replace string format arguments with function parametersChristian Berendt
2014-06-18Transport reconnection retries for notificationMehdi Abaakouk
2014-06-16Add check credentials to log message if rabbmitmq closes socketAaron Rosen
2014-06-13rabbit/qpid: remove the args/kwargs from ensure()Mark McLoughlin
2014-06-13Add transport reconnection retriesMehdi Abaakouk
2014-05-28Remove amqp default exchange hackMehdi Abaakouk
2014-05-20debug level logs should not be translatedChristian Berendt
2014-05-05Merge "Full support of multiple hosts in transport url"Jenkins
2014-04-27Remove str() from LOG.* and exceptionsChangBo Guo(gcb)
2014-04-22Full support of multiple hosts in transport urlMehdi Abaakouk
2014-04-17Merge "Remove rendundant parentheses of cfg help strings"Jenkins
2014-04-12Select AMQP message broker at randomChangBo Guo(gcb)
2014-04-03Remove rendundant parentheses of cfg help stringsChangBo Guo(gcb)
2014-03-22Refactor AMQP message broker selectionChangBo Guo(gcb)
2014-03-04Merge "Remove use of sslutils"1.3.0a9Jenkins
2014-03-04Remove use of sslutilsMark McLoughlin
2014-03-04Merge "Slow down Kombu reconnect attempts"Jenkins
2014-03-04Merge "Gracefully handle consumer cancel notifications"Jenkins
2014-03-03notification listener: add allow_requeue paramMark McLoughlin
2014-03-03Allow to requeue the notification messageMehdi Abaakouk