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2014-08-06Fix error in example of an RPC serverChris Dent
2014-07-17Enabled hacking checks H305 and H3071.4.0.0a4Christian Berendt
2014-07-06Replaced 'e.g.' with 'for example'Christian Berendt
2014-06-22RPC server doc: use the blocking executorGauvain Pocentek
2014-06-20replace string format arguments with function parametersChristian Berendt
2014-06-19Merge "Cleaned up references to executor specific RPCServer types"Jenkins
2014-06-13Add an example usage of RPCClient retry parameterMark McLoughlin
2014-06-13Add transport reconnection retriesMehdi Abaakouk
2014-05-26Cleaned up references to executor specific RPCServer typesIhar Hrachyshka
2014-04-24Enable log messages to handle exceptions containing unicodeJames Carey
2014-03-29Fix wrong parameter description in docstringChangBo Guo(gcb)
2014-02-25Merge "Improve help strings"Jenkins
2014-02-18Make the dispatcher responsible of the message ackMehdi Abaakouk
2014-02-18Don't reply to notification messageMehdi Abaakouk
2014-02-07Improve help stringsAndreas Jaeger
2014-02-05Update ExpectedException handlingDoug Hellmann
2014-01-30Make the dispatcher responsible to listen()Mehdi Abaakouk
2014-01-10Fix spelling errors in commentsStanislav Kudriashev
2013-12-20Replace dict.iteritems() with six.iteritems()Victor Stinner
2013-12-16Fix syntax of relative imports for Python3Victor Stinner
2013-12-02Remove useless global vars / importJulien Danjou
2013-10-13Fix rpc client docsMark McLoughlin
2013-08-26Remove check_for_lock support in RPCClientMark McLoughlin
2013-08-12Merge "Add thread-local store of request context"Jenkins
2013-08-09Add thread-local store of request contextMark McLoughlin
2013-08-09Add a context serialization hookMark McLoughlin
2013-08-07Document how call() handles remote exceptionsMark McLoughlin
2013-08-07Expose RemoteError exception in the public APIMark McLoughlin
2013-08-07Add API for expected endpoint exceptionsMark McLoughlin
2013-07-10Include docstrings in published docsMark McLoughlin
2013-06-24Simplify public symbol exportsMark McLoughlin
2013-06-16Don't use common loggingMark McLoughlin
2013-06-16Use log.warning() instead of log.warn()Mark McLoughlin
2013-06-16Add can_send_version() to RPCClientMark McLoughlin
2013-06-15Don't raise a driver-specific error on sendMark McLoughlin
2013-06-15Make it possible to call prepare() on call contextMark McLoughlin
2013-06-15Move files to new locations for oslo.messagingMark McLoughlin