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2018-07-05Remove transport aliases supportSteve Kowalik
2017-09-11Warn when wrong transport instance is usedRajath Agasthya
2017-06-01Clean up the TransportURL documentationKenneth Giusti
2017-05-12Add get_rpc_transport callAndrew Smith
2017-04-18Retry support for oslo_messaging_notifications driverElancheran Subramanian
2017-03-03Allow checking if notifier is enabledBalazs Gibizer
2017-02-27drop topic keyword from Notifiergord chung
2016-09-12Fixups to the inline documentationKenneth Giusti
2016-08-15Add docstring for get_notification_transportGeorge Silvis, III
2016-07-13notify: add a CLI tool to manually send notificationsJulien Danjou
2016-06-13[Trival] fix a typo nitliusheng
2016-04-07Make transport_url config option secretJuan Antonio Osorio Robles
2016-02-25Allow Notifier to have multiple topicsDavanum Srinivas
2016-01-07Improvement of logging acorrding to oslo.i18n guidelineChangBo Guo(gcb)
2015-12-08Fix notifier options registrationMehdi Abaakouk
2015-11-30Option group for notificationsDavanum Srinivas
2015-11-10Decouple transport for RPC and NotificationDavanum Srinivas
2015-09-25Allow custom notification driversDavanum Srinivas
2015-04-29Fix missing space in help textBrant Knudson
2015-04-06Document notification_driver possible valuesDavanum Srinivas
2015-01-21Update Oslo imports to remove namespace packageDoug Hellmann
2015-01-21Fixed docstring for NotifierIhar Hrachyshka
2015-01-12Move files out of the namespace packageDoug Hellmann