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2015-03-17Merge pull request #2 from fifieldt/patch-1Mike Dorman
2015-03-17add default configs repogustavo panizzo
2015-03-17Add NeCTAR to external Example Config list Tom Fifield
2015-03-16add Blue Box ansible repo linkJon Proulx
2015-03-16add section for external example reposJon Proulx
2015-03-16switch heat to uses trustsJon Proulx
2015-03-13Merge pull request #1 from jon-proulx/masterStephen Jahl
2015-03-13sanitized config dumpJon Proulx
2015-03-13note live migrationJon Proulx
2015-03-13note jumbo framesJon Proulx
2015-03-13add mention of target useJon Proulx
2015-03-13Initial readme describing CSAIL setupJon Proulx
2015-03-10Update README.mdJJ Asghar
2015-03-10Initial documentationCarl Perry