AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-20Handle SHELVED_OFFLOADED and VERIFY_RESIZE statesHEADmasterSimon Leinen
2017-01-18Merge "Lint the lampstack apply role"Jenkins
2017-01-17add, which finds the top instances on a net nodeJared King
2017-01-06Merge " compare Nova state to hypervisor state"Jenkins
2017-01-05Add cold stop, cold start, cold restart to dhcp_agents_balancer.pyMaciej Józefczyk compare Nova state to hypervisor stateSaverio Proto evacuate a network nodeSaverio Proto
2016-11-15Add script to balance load of Neutron DHCP agentsSławek Kapłoński
2016-11-14Merge "Add a trystack env variable file"Jenkins
2016-11-13Add a trystack env variable fileDavid Moreau-Simard
2016-11-13Fix typo in security group descriptionDavid Moreau-Simard
2016-11-11Merge "Lint the lampstack wordpress role"Jenkins
2016-11-08Lint the lampstack wordpress roleDavid Moreau-Simard
2016-11-07Catch up the flavor from config file instead of {{openstack_flavors[0].id}}Daniela Ebert
2016-11-05Lint the lampstack apply roleDavid Moreau-Simard
2016-10-30Merge "Allow usage of Fedora24"Jenkins
2016-10-27Merge "Decrease the verbosity level"Jenkins
2016-10-27Merge "use kubeadm to reduce complexity of installing k8s"Jenkins
2016-10-26Decrease the verbosity levelDaniel Mellado
2016-10-22Add tox environement for ansible check syntaxGhe Rivero
2016-10-21Merge "Fix undefined wp variables"Jenkins
2016-10-21Fix undefined wp variablesGhe Rivero
2016-10-21Changing the OVH flavorJean-Daniel Bonnetot
2016-10-20Merge "Add HPE Helion OpenStack 4.0 config sample"Jenkins
2016-10-20Merge "Add Open Telekom Cloud config example"Jenkins
2016-10-20Merge "Add livemigration helper for hypervisor maint"Jenkins
2016-10-20Merge "ansible: support full offline use for lampstack"Jenkins
2016-10-20Add HPE Helion OpenStack 4.0 config sampleGhe Rivero
2016-10-19ansible: support full offline use for lampstackJames Page
2016-10-19Add Open Telekom Cloud config exampleDaniela Ebert
2016-10-19Allow usage of Fedora24Daniel Mellado
2016-10-19Add livemigration helper for hypervisor maintXav Paice
2016-10-18Merge "Add CI/CD terraform scripts"Jenkins
2016-10-17Merge "Update apt cache before installing scsitools"Jenkins
2016-10-17Merge "Make lampstack work in config drive environments"Jenkins
2016-10-17Merge "Add support for public network name"Jenkins
2016-10-16use kubeadm to reduce complexity of installing k8sPaul Czarkowski
2016-10-16Add CI/CD terraform scriptsVictor Morales
2016-10-15Add support for public network nameLuz Cazares
2016-10-14Merge "Adding OVH configuration for interop challenge"Jenkins
2016-10-14Update apt cache before installing scsitoolsMark T. Voelker
2016-10-14Make lampstack work in config drive environmentsMark T. Voelker
2016-10-13Adding OVH configuration for interop challengeJean-Daniel Bonnetot
2016-10-13Split profile tox envDaniel Mellado
2016-10-12Merge "Enable profile callback plugin"Jenkins
2016-10-12Merge "Changed DreamHost image flavor"Jenkins
2016-10-12Merge "Add proxy support"Jenkins
2016-10-12Enable profile callback pluginDaniel Mellado
2016-10-11Changed DreamHost image flavorStefano Maffulli
2016-10-11Merge "Add .tox and site.retry to gitignore list"Jenkins