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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-08Move default policies into codeLance Bragstad
2017-05-25add noauth api pipelinegord chung
2016-10-17Add http_proxy_to_wsgi to panko config-generatorHanxi Liu
2016-10-10Add http_proxy_to_wsgi to api-pasteHanxi Liu
2016-09-08Pass oslo_config_project to keystone confThomas Herve
2016-06-14Rename to PankoJulien Danjou
2016-06-14Remove code that is not related to events storage and APIJulien Danjou
2016-04-04drop magnetodb supportgordon chung
2016-03-19remove unused field 'triggers' defined in sample event_pipeline.yamlZhiQiang Fan
2016-03-07Merge "Moved CORS middleware configuration into oslo-config-generator"Jenkins
2016-03-07Merge "gnocchi dispatch: Added new resource type support"Jenkins
2016-03-07Merge "Add the meter example file 'lbaas-v2-meter-definitions.yaml'"Jenkins
2016-03-07gnocchi dispatch: Added new resource type supportLianhao Lu
2016-03-03Merge "[sahara] add events definitions regarding new notifications"Jenkins
2016-03-02[sahara] add events definitions regarding new notificationsVitaly Gridnev
2016-03-02Moved CORS middleware configuration into oslo-config-generatorMichael Krotscheck
2016-03-02Add the meter example file 'lbaas-v2-meter-definitions.yaml'jizilian
2016-03-01Merge "Add /usr/local/{sbin,bin} to rootwrap exec_dirs"Jenkins
2016-03-01Merge "Change default policy to allow create_samples"Jenkins
2016-03-01Merge "Enable the Load Balancer v2 events"Jenkins
2016-03-01Change default policy to allow create_samplesRabi Mishra
2016-03-01Enable the Load Balancer v2 eventsXia Linjuan
2016-02-29Merge "Fix events rbac"Jenkins
2016-02-22Add /usr/local/{sbin,bin} to rootwrap exec_dirsChaozhe.Chen
2016-01-21Fix events rbacgordon chung
2016-01-14Added CORS support to CeilometerDong Ma
2016-01-13Merge "Add OSprofiler-specific events definitions"Jenkins
2016-01-12Add OSprofiler-specific events definitionsDina Belova
2015-12-22gnocchi: fix stack resource typeJulien Danjou
2015-11-26add to gnocchi resourcesgordon chung
2015-11-24Remove alarming codeJulien Danjou
2015-11-03Mv gabbi_pipeline.yaml into test directoriesChris Dent
2015-10-20Using oslo-config-generator to instead of generate-config-file.shliusheng
2015-10-17Merge "fix image_ref attr in gnocchi resource"Jenkins
2015-10-16fix image_ref attr in gnocchi resourcegordon chung
2015-10-09Deprecate event trait plugin 'split'Mehdi Abaakouk
2015-09-29Remove deprecated archive policy map for GnocchiJulien Danjou
2015-09-22Merge "add delta transfomer support"Jenkins
2015-09-17gnocchi: add two new resourcesMehdi Abaakouk
2015-09-16add delta transfomer supportgordon chung
2015-09-09Update event_definitions for Cinder Image CachePatrick East
2015-09-04Merge "gnocchi: cleanup instance resource definition"Jenkins
2015-09-03Merge "Add user_id,project_id traits to audit events"Jenkins
2015-09-01gnocchi: cleanup instance resource definitionMehdi Abaakouk
2015-08-27Control Events RBAC from policy.jsonDivya
2015-08-26Add user_id,project_id traits to audit eventsDivya
2015-08-25gnocchi: move to jsonpath_rw_extMehdi Abaakouk
2015-08-07Enable entry points for new declarative metersPradeep Kilambi
2015-07-28fix gnocchi resources yamlgordon chung
2015-07-24Merge "Move gnocchi resources definition in yaml file"Jenkins