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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-17Switch to stestrVu Cong Tuan
2018-01-03Fix to use . to source script fileslingyongxu
2017-01-13remove event redundancygord chung
2016-12-07Replaces uuid.uuid4 with uuidutils.generate_uuid()zhangguoqing
2016-06-27Stop relying on global CONF objectJulien Danjou
2016-06-27storage: pass the conf object to driversJulien Danjou
2016-06-14Rename to PankoJulien Danjou
2016-06-14Remove code that is not related to events storage and APIJulien Danjou
2016-06-13Use "topics" instead of "topic" in Notifier initializationliusheng
2016-05-12remove log in tools/make_test_{event_}data.pyZhiQiang Fan
2016-05-03Remove unused pylintrcJulien Danjou
2016-04-19switch to openstack cli instead of keystone cliZhiQiang Fan
2015-12-16collector: remove deprecated RPC codeJulien Danjou
2015-12-01Fix scriptliusheng
2015-11-25tools: fix default resource metadata for instanceMehdi Abaakouk
2015-11-24tests: remove testscenario usage for storage driversJulien Danjou
2015-11-24Remove alarming codeJulien Danjou
2015-10-22Merge "Correct the timestamp type when make test samples data"Jenkins
2015-10-20specify runtime environment for scriptsZhiQiang Fan
2015-10-20Correct the timestamp type when make test samples dataliusheng
2015-10-18make script under tools directory executableZhiQiang Fan
2015-10-17fix tools/make_test_event_data.pyZhiQiang Fan
2015-10-13remove instance:FLAVOR related code and docsZhiQiang Fan
2015-10-10Fix make_test_data.shliusheng
2015-09-29Merge "Remove"Jenkins
2015-09-28Remove enable_notification.shJulien Danjou
2015-09-25Ensure the test data sample has correct signatureLianhao Lu
2015-07-27Improves send_test_data toolsMehdi Abaakouk
2015-07-20Merge "Switch to the oslo_utils.fileutils"Jenkins
2015-07-19Switch to the oslo_utils.fileutilsSergey Vilgelm
2015-07-17Add necessary executable permissionQiaowei Ren
2015-06-04Add running functional scripts for defined backendIlya Tyaptin
2015-05-26Merge "Stop importing print_function"Jenkins
2015-05-25Stop importing print_functionJulien Danjou
2015-05-25Remove useless release script in toolsJulien Danjou
2015-05-15Python 3: generalize the usage of the six moduleVictor Stinner
2015-02-02add event listener to collectorgordon chung
2015-01-23Upgrade to hacking 0.10Julien Danjou
2015-01-23Remove the Nova notifierJulien Danjou
2015-01-15Use oslo_config instead of deprecated oslo.configDina Belova
2015-01-10Use oslo_utils instead of deprecated oslo.utilsZhiQiang Fan
2014-12-25Add test data generator via oslo messagingIlya Tyaptin
2014-12-19Merge "Clean up bin directory"Jenkins
2014-12-18Clean up bin directoryLianhao Lu
2014-12-17Improve tools/ correctnessLena Novokshonova
2014-11-25Enable pep8 on ./tools directoryBalazs Gibizer
2014-11-21Adapting pylint runner to the new message formatBalazs Gibizer
2014-10-31Add event storage for test_hbase_table_utilsZhiQiang Fan
2014-10-27Fix columns migrating for PostgreSQLArtur Svechnikov
2014-10-21Use oslo_debug_helper and remove our own versionSteve Martinelli