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2017-03-02Update test requirementHEADmasterricolin
2017-02-23Rename middleware package to be more explicit about its purposeDenis Makogon
2017-02-22Middleware and Notification examplesDenis Makogon
2017-01-23Add topic related to private and public functionsDenis Makogon
2017-01-18docs: fix more broken linksDerek Schultz
2017-01-18Fixing links from iron-io to openstack GitHub orgsDenis Makogon
2017-01-10Merge "update local.conf for devstack"Jenkins
2017-01-09update local.conf for devstackDerek Schultz
2017-01-09Fix service name in enabled service checkDenis Makogon
2016-12-19Merge pull request #40 from iron-io/docs-remove-serverlessDerek Schultz
2016-12-19remove serverlessDerek Schultz
2016-12-19Merge pull request #39 from iron-io/arch-docsDerek Schultz
2016-12-19deployment architecture diagram updateDerek Schultz
2016-12-17Merge pull request #38 from denismakogon/masterDenis Makogon
2016-12-17Add .gitreviewDenis Makogon
2016-12-16Merge pull request #37 from iron-io/doc-updatesDerek Schultz
2016-12-15uppercase dot mdDerek Schultz
2016-12-15add link to testing docDerek Schultz
2016-12-15update testing docDerek Schultz
2016-12-15fix headerDerek Schultz
2016-12-15remove hello-lambda example scriptDerek Schultz
2016-12-15minor editsDerek Schultz
2016-12-15convert rst to md and minor editsDerek Schultz
2016-12-15Merge pull request #36 from iron-io/slack-linkDerek Schultz
2016-12-15fix link to slackDerek Schultz
2016-12-15docs update (#32)Derek Schultz
2016-12-14Merge pull request #35 from denismakogon/masterDenis Makogon
2016-12-14Use newer version of python-functionsclient v0.0.3Denis Makogon
2016-12-14Merge pull request #34 from iron-io/licenseDerek Schultz
2016-12-14update copyright on apache licenseDerek Schultz
2016-12-14Merge pull request #33 from denismakogon/pbrDerek Schultz
2016-12-14Use PBR for setup.pyDenis Makogon
2016-12-13Merge pull request #26 from denismakogon/better-loggingDerek Schultz
2016-12-13Merge pull request #29 from denismakogon/issue/20Derek Schultz
2016-12-13Merge pull request #27 from denismakogon/openstack-alarmingDerek Schultz
2016-12-13Issue #13: Improve logging in controllersDenis Makogon
2016-12-13Introduce Aodh threshold alarming exampleDenis Makogon
2016-12-13Merge pull request #31 from denismakogon/bandit-securityDenis Makogon
2016-12-13Issue #17: Introduce Bandit static security checksDenis Makogon
2016-12-13Merge pull request #28 from denismakogon/drop-confusing-codeDenis Makogon
2016-12-13Issue #20: Keep devstack plugin in-treeDenis Makogon
2016-12-13Cleanup controllersDenis Makogon
2016-12-10Merge pull request #25 from denismakogon/consolidateDenis Makogon
2016-12-10Consolidate path retrieving from routeDenis Makogon
2016-12-09Merge pull request #23 from denismakogon/issue/22Denis Makogon
2016-12-09Issue #24: Introduce app ownership validation in Runnable controllerDenis Makogon
2016-12-09Issue #22: Make public route execution validation more strictDenis Makogon
2016-12-09Merge pull request #19 from denismakogon/openstack-app-sampleDerek Schultz
2016-12-09Introduce OpenStack API-based function exampleDenis Makogon
2016-12-07Merge pull request #11 from denismakogon/project-picassoDerek Schultz