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masterMerge "Add register_opts param to PlacementFixture"Zuul3 days
stable/steinAdd register_opts param to PlacementFixtureChris Dent3 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge 083451cd77...OpenStack Release Bot3 days
0.1.0commit 9d42491910...OpenStack Release Bot2 months
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3 daysMerge "Add register_opts param to PlacementFixture"HEADmasterZuul
3 daysMerge "Revert "Centralize registration of logging options""Zuul
3 daysAdd register_opts param to PlacementFixtureChris Dent
3 daysRevert "Centralize registration of logging options"Chris Dent
3 daysUpdate master for stable/steinOpenStack Release Bot
4 daysGroup API versions by release1.0.0.0rc1Stephen Finucane
4 daysMerge "Flesh out the post-install verify doc"Zuul
4 daysMerge "Centralize registration of logging options"Zuul
4 daysFlesh out the post-install verify docMatt Riedemann
4 daysMerge "Address followups in the upgrade from nova doc"Zuul