AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-06Pin all puppet dependencies in PuppetfileHEADmasterAlejandro Andreu
2017-06-02Enable everything so Insights work when deployedAlejandro Andreu
2017-04-04Configure stuff after config file is in placeAlejandro Andreu
2017-03-23Merge "Set purge_config to false on logstash class"Jenkins
2017-03-23Set purge_config to false on logstash classAlejandro Andreu
2017-03-22Merge "Make analytics repositories truly manageable"Jenkins
2017-03-22Make analytics repositories truly manageableAlejandro Andreu
2017-03-20Merge "Adds script to check if router interface exists"Jenkins
2017-03-20Merge "Add timeout for static uplink script"Jenkins
2017-03-20Adds script to check if router interface existsAlejandro Andreu
2017-03-16Add timeout for static uplink scriptAlejandro Andreu
2017-03-15Merge "Only proceed to create static uplink if the router interface is alread...Jenkins
2017-03-15Only proceed to create static uplink if the router interface is already createdAlejandro Andreu
2017-03-08Configure static uplink ifaces on startup in RHEL7Alejandro Andreu
2017-03-07Ensure static uplink can work in RHEL and iptablesAlejandro Andreu
2017-03-06Fix manifests analytics for debianAlex Ruiz Estradera
2017-03-06Merge "Fix the paths for analytics , so service doesnt :bomb:"Jenkins
2017-03-06Fix the paths for analytics , so service doesnt :bomb:Alex Ruiz Estradera
2017-03-03Add workaround script for midonet-elkAlejandro Andreu
2017-02-28Fix logstash restart for suregit add services.ppAlex Ruiz Estradera
2017-02-28Dont use Initctl because it has been removed from Ubuntu 14.04. YAYgit add se...Alex Ruiz Estradera
2017-02-24Update elasticsearch JVM config fileAlejandro Andreu
2017-02-22Fix proxypass statement for MEMAlejandro Andreu
2017-02-21Put quotes around parameters on analytics.confAlejandro Andreu
2017-02-20Merge "Doesn't make analytics manifests :bomb: on RHEL7"Jenkins
2017-02-20Doesn't make analytics manifests :bomb: on RHEL7Alejandro Andreu
2017-02-17proxy pass midonet-apiAlejandro Andreu
2017-02-17Fix bug on cluster.ppAlejandro Andreu
2017-02-03FQDN instead of hostname on network_creation1.1.0Alejandro Andreu
2017-02-03Add new cidr2ip functionAlejandro Andreu
2017-02-01Merge "Pin version of beaker rspecgit add Gemfile"Jenkins
2017-01-31Add cidr2iface funcAlex Ruiz Estradera
2017-01-31Pin version of beaker rspecgit add GemfileAlex Ruiz Estradera
2017-01-31Merge "Ensure there are no duplicated file declarations"Jenkins
2017-01-31Ensure there are no duplicated file declarationsAlejandro Andreu
2017-01-31Add configurable parameters for midonet state proxyAlex Ruiz Estradera
2017-01-31New default config path for MidolmanAlejandro Andreu
2017-01-30Bump Puppet-neutron module to MitakaAlex Ruiz Estradera
2017-01-18Add 5.4 supportAlex Ruiz Estradera
2016-12-13Fix Some Bugs on Puppet Midonet1.0.0Alex Ruiz Estradera
2016-12-12Install Curator from RPM on CentOS/RHELAlejandro Andreu
2016-12-05Make sure LB and FWAAS are installedAlex Ruiz Estradera
2016-11-30Fix dependenciesAlex Ruiz Estradera
2016-11-30Fix contain statements on analytics.ppAlejandro Andreu
2016-11-30Add dependencies to metadata.jsonAlex Ruiz Estradera
2016-11-28Add /bin path to command for interface upAlex Ruiz Estradera
2016-11-25Make the interface_up script not so distro-specificAlex Ruiz Estradera
2016-11-24Merge "Enable MidoNet Cluster to work with non-admin user"Jenkins
2016-11-24Enable MidoNet Cluster to work with non-admin userAlejandro Andreu
2016-11-23Make contain statements compatible with Puppet 3.6Alejandro Andreu