BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feature/artifactsGlance v3 client methods for work with blobsDarja Shakhray3 years
masterRemove team diversity tags note in READMEzhangbailin7 days
stable/ocataMerge "Downloading image with --progress fails" into stable/ocataJenkins14 months
stable/pikeMigrate dsvm functional test jobs to project repoBrian Rosmaita6 months
stable/queensUpdate local copy of image schema for 2.6Brian Rosmaita4 months
stable/rockyMerge "Add releasenote for 2.12.1" into stable/rockyZuul3 weeks
2.12.1commit b79154c5fe...OpenStack Release Bot3 weeks
2.12.0commit 2c26f2748f...OpenStack Release Bot3 weeks
2.11.1commit 1cf00a5cc9...OpenStack Release Bot2 months
2.11.0commit 314a29f6a6...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
2.10.0commit b5afe03ecd...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
2.9.1commit b982516fc1...OpenStack Release Bot7 months
2.9.0commit cf62e1635d...OpenStack Release Bot7 months
newton-eolcommit a8b7ea6e9a...Tony Breeds10 months
2.8.0commit 52eb529b97...OpenStack Release Bot13 months
mitaka-eolcommit bae90e6146...Joshua Hesketh13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daysRemove team diversity tags note in READMEHEADmasterzhangbailin
2018-07-26Merge "Update reno for stable/rocky"Zuul
2018-07-26Update reno for stable/rockyOpenStack Release Bot
2018-07-26Skip quote '=' for token headerwangxiyuan
2018-07-25Merge "Correct typo in releasenote"2.12.0Zuul
2018-07-25Correct typo in releasenoteBrian Rosmaita
2018-07-25Releasenotes for bugfixes in 2.12.0Erno Kuvaja
2018-07-25Merge "Do not quote '+' for token header"Zuul
2018-07-25Merge "Add release note for hidden images support"Zuul
2018-07-25Add support for hide old imagesAbhishek Kekane