AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-04-29for pkg list, make include_disabled default Falserelease-0.5Ankur Rishi
2014-04-29Return package object in packages.create methodTimur Sufiev
2014-04-18Merge "Fix the issue with stats API call"0.5.0.a10.5.0Jenkins
2014-04-18Remove version from setup.cfgRuslan Kamaldinov
2014-04-17Added HTTP proxy supportTimurNurlygayanov
2014-04-16Fix the issue with stats API callGeorgy Okrokvertskhov
2014-04-15Update requirements.txt due to changes in global-requirements.txtAnastasia Kuznetsova
2014-04-14Merge "InstanceStatistics updated for corresponding API change"Jenkins
2014-04-10InstanceStatistics updated for corresponding API changeStan Lagun
2014-04-10Parse YAML in muranoclient with the loader of the given classTimur Sufiev
2014-04-07Merge "Refactor packages filter and list methods"Jenkins
2014-04-07Refactor packages filter and list methodsTimur Sufiev
2014-04-04Interface to get instance statistics addedStan Lagun
2014-04-04Support package update, toggle_active and filter methods.Timur Sufiev
2014-04-04Initial support of working with package definitionsTimur Sufiev
2014-03-31Merge "Updated openstack-common"Jenkins
2014-03-27Updated openstack-commonAlexander Tivelkov
2014-03-27Calls to the v1 API are prefixed with the appropriate version prefixAlexander Tivelkov
2014-03-14Add Stats List methodGeorgy Okrokvertskhov
2014-03-04Fixed issue with requirementsTimurNurlygayanov
2014-02-21Update README with actual infoSerg Melikyan
2014-02-11Update requirements to stable/havana.Timur Sufiev
2013-12-10Update version in setup.cfgTimur Sufiev
2013-12-10Merge "Support passing networking info during environment create, not update."Jenkins
2013-12-10Support passing networking info during environment create, not update.Timur Sufiev
2013-12-05Merge "Support getting and updating network_info of environment."Jenkins
2013-12-04Support getting and updating network_info of environment.Timur Sufiev
2013-11-26Cherry-picked changes from release-0.3Serg Melikyan
2013-11-19Support building wheels (PEP-427)Sascha Peilicke
2013-10-29Update requirements to match havana's ones.Timur Sufiev
2013-09-09Resolve issues with package setup.pySerg Melikyan
2013-09-03Cherry-pick following change-ids from release-0.2.Igor Yozhikov
2013-08-13Fix error from previous commitEkaterina Fedorova
2013-08-13Fix service creation failureEkaterina Fedorova
2013-08-12Fix to initialEkaterina Fedorova
2013-08-12Resolved bug 746Serg Melikyan
2013-08-09Add SSL support to muranoclientEkaterina Fedorova
2013-07-19Modified client to support lastStatus fetchingAlexander Tivelkov
2013-07-18Add CentOS setup shell scriptIgor Yozhikov addIgor Yozhikov
2013-07-16list deployments in client now properly returns a list, not dictionaryAlexander Tivelkov
2013-07-16Fixed a couple of bugs in path resolution routineAlexander Tivelkov
2013-07-16Changes in client to work with deployment logs fetching.Alexander Tivelkov
2013-07-16Merge "Added support for new API v0.2"Jenkins
2013-07-16Added support for new API v0.2Serg Melikyan
2013-07-11fixed python setup workflowIgor Yozhikov
2013-06-27Added tests for new servicesSerg Melikyan
2013-05-28Another changes within Service::DeleteSerg Melikyan
2013-05-28Correct Service::Delete paramsSerg Melikyan
2013-05-28Murano Python Client support for IIS/ASP.NET web farmsStan Lagun