path: root/openstack-common.conf
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-10-16Port to use oslo.i18nAndrey Kurilin
2014-09-20Use oslo.serializationAndrey Kurilin
2014-08-28Use oslo.utilsAndrey Kurilin
2014-05-12Add missing dependent module gettextutilsChangBo Guo(gcb)
2014-03-29Fix for invalid literal ValueError parsing ipv6 url(s)Davanum Srinivas
2014-02-28Re-add install_venv_common to openstack-common.confJoe Gordon
2014-02-26oslo-sync of low hanging fruitJoe Gordon
2014-01-15Sync cliutils from osloAndrey Kurilin
2014-01-15Sync apiclient from osloAndrey Kurilin
2013-12-31Ensure that nova client prints dictionaries and arrays correctlyGary Kotton
2013-08-23Sync py3kcompat from osloChuck Short
2013-07-08Sync install_venv_common from osloMonty Taylor
2013-05-23Convert to more modern openstack-common.conf format.Michael Still
2013-05-22Reuse oslo for is_uuid_like() implementationShane Wang
2013-05-19Migrate to pbr.Roman Podolyaka
2013-04-08Fix problem with nova --versionDavanum Srinivas
2013-03-04Decodes input and encodes outputFlaper Fesp
2012-09-03Fix usage-list date range to use UTC timeMark McLoughlin
2012-06-11Use openstack-common for AUTHORS generationBrian Waldon