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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-04-30Updated from global requirementsOpenStack Proposal Bot
2013-09-20Update pbr usageMonty Taylor
2013-08-08Updated from global requirementsMonty Taylor
2013-08-05Sync with global requirements2.14.0Monty Taylor
2013-05-19Migrate to pbr.Roman Podolyaka
2013-04-17Cleanup unused importgtt116
2013-03-28Update to latest openstack.common.setup.Monty Taylor
2013-03-27setuptools: remove data_files sectionChristoph Gysin
2013-03-22Use setuptools-git to include files from the repoRoman Podolyaka
2013-03-13Fix Copyright Headers from LLC to FoundationDavanum Srinivas
2013-01-29Migrate from nose to testr.Monty Taylor
2012-10-22Add OpenStack trove classifier for PyPIDoug Hellmann
2012-08-24Adding --version optionRick Harris
2012-06-26Cleanup of usage of openstack-common.Monty Taylor
2012-06-26Implement post-tag versioning numbering.Monty Taylor
2012-06-11Use openstack-common for AUTHORS generationBrian Waldon
2012-04-03add packages using find_packages()Peng Yong
2012-03-20Open FolsomThierry Carrez
2012-02-03Fixes bug 924588: Remove proto-keystone client from novaclientDean Troyer
2011-12-20Add 'discover' command for Keystone discovery and version listingZiad Sawalha
2011-12-19Do no depends on argparse for Python >= 2.7Julien Danjou
2011-12-15Making contrib a Python packageRick Harris
2011-12-14Switch versioning to common Nova versioningessex-2Thierry Carrez
2011-12-09Adding 'absolute-limits' and 'rate-limits'Brian Waldon
2011-11-17Revert api_key change in novaclient Client argumentChris Behrens
2011-11-17Adds bash completion support and cleans up Kearney
2011-10-25version updateSandy Walsh
2011-09-26version bumpSandy Walsh
2011-09-02merge fixupSandy Walsh
2011-09-02version bumpSandy Walsh
2011-09-01Merge pull request #101 from basak/masterJosh Kearney
2011-09-01Fix test installation excludeRobie Basak
2011-09-01Bump the release versionWilliam Wolf
2011-08-31Reducing v1_1.base to just booting managerBrian Waldon
2011-08-23updating versionBrian Waldon
2011-08-08cleaning up boot output; upping versionBrian Waldon
2011-08-05manual merge2.6.0Sandy Walsh
2011-08-04Change create-image back to image-create, and increased version to 2.6.0Brian Lamar
2011-07-29bumping version and updating READMEBrian Waldon
2011-07-29updating server backup action; pep8 fixesBrian Waldon
2011-07-12version bumpSandy Walsh
2011-06-24Refactored backup rotation.Josh Kearney
2011-06-24Implemented backup with rotation.Josh Kearney
2011-06-20fixed up tests after trunk merge and bumped versionSandy Walsh
2011-06-20version bumpSandy Walsh
2011-06-15version bumpedSandy Walsh
2011-06-15trunk mergeSandy Walsh
2011-06-10bumped version # after project_id updateSandy Walsh
2011-06-03griddynamics better loggingSandy Walsh
2011-06-01reservation_id optional parameter added to GET /servers (aka 'list')Sandy Walsh