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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysMerge "Remove deprecated ip floating commands"Zuul
2018-04-08Remove deprecated ip floating commandsDongcan Ye
2018-03-21Add support to list image membersMohammed Naser
2018-03-14Merge "Add CRUD support for application credentials"Zuul
2018-02-23Add support for endpoint group commandsJose Castro Leon
2018-01-30Add CRUD support for application credentialsColleen Murphy
2017-12-13Merge "Add support for endpoing filter commands"Zuul
2017-11-21Add support for endpoing filter commandsJose Castro Leon
2017-11-14Add RemoveNetwork command to serverHongbin Lu
2017-11-06Merge "Display Network QoS rule type details"Zuul
2017-11-05Display Network QoS rule type detailsSławek Kapłoński
2017-10-26Added AddNetwork command to serverHongbin Lu
2017-09-21Update the documentation link for doc migrationlingyongxu
2017-08-22Implied RolesHarry Rybacki
2017-07-23Network tag supportAkihiro Motoki
2017-07-11Network L3 Router Commands for OSCAnkur Gupta
2017-06-23move auto-generated api docs into contributor treeDoug Hellmann
2017-06-13Add project purge command to oscSteve Martinelli
2017-04-19Explicitly set 'builders' optionStephen Finucane
2017-04-05"floating ip set/unset port" for OSCSindhu Devale
2017-04-04Merge "Introduce neutron flavor associate, disassociate to OSC"Jenkins
2017-04-03Merge "Enable to add/remove port to/from a server"Jenkins
2017-04-03Enable to add/remove port to/from a serverCedric Brandily
2017-04-03Introduce neutron flavor associate, disassociate to OSCShashank Kumar Shankar
2017-03-28Use Sphinx 1.5 warning-is-errorStephen Finucane
2017-03-28doc: Remove local fork of apidocStephen Finucane
2017-03-23Merge "OSC Extension Show"Jenkins
2017-03-22OSC Extension ShowSindhu Devale
2017-03-21Merge "OSC Quota List"Jenkins
2017-03-21Merge "OSC Network Flavor Profile"Jenkins
2017-03-20Merge "Introduce Neutron DHCP agent commands to OSC"Jenkins
2017-03-20Introduce Neutron DHCP agent commands to OSCShashank Kumar Shankar
2017-03-20OSC Network Flavor ProfileNakul Dahiwade
2017-03-10OSC Quota ListSindhu Devale
2017-03-08Merge "Remove py34 tox env and pypi classifier"Jenkins
2017-03-07Remove py34 tox env and pypi classifierEric Brown
2017-03-08command list: Move network meter appropriatelyAkihiro Motoki
2017-03-07Add server event list and show commandsRui Chen
2017-03-01Merge "Add Cinder v3 client support for volumes"Jenkins
2017-02-22Auto allocated topology for OSCAnkur Gupta
2017-02-22OSC Network FlavorAnindita Das
2017-02-20Add Cinder v3 client support for volumesJustin A Wilson
2017-02-18Merge "Add "volume host failover" command"Jenkins
2017-01-23Add meter rule to OSCAnkur Gupta
2017-01-11Merge "Add support for Network QoS rule commands"Jenkins
2017-01-11Merge "Add two consistency group commands"Jenkins
2017-01-09Add support for Network QoS rule commandsRodolfo Alonso Hernandez
2017-01-01OSC Network MeterAnkur Gupta
2016-12-22Add support for QoS rule type commandsRodolfo Alonso Hernandez
2016-12-13Add two consistency group commandszhiyong.dai