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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-01Avoid for constraints supportMonty Taylor
2016-08-28Cleanup after installAndreas Jaeger
2016-08-22Fix post and periodic jobsAndreas Jaeger
2016-07-17Follow upper constraints for all tox targetsSteve Martinelli
2016-05-12Pep8 environment to run on delta code onlySheel Rana
2015-04-24Remove references to venvSteve Martinelli
2014-06-20sync oslo bitsSteve Martinelli
2014-02-20Update oslo incubator bitsDean Troyer
2013-12-19Closes-Bug: #1262321Terry Howe
2013-10-11Sync oslo-incubator for py33 fixesDean Troyer
2013-07-05Sync install_venv_common from osloMonty Taylor
2013-05-29Rename requires files to standard names.Zhenguo Niu
2013-05-16Migrate to pbr.Monty Taylor
2013-05-16Migrate to flake8.Monty Taylor
2013-04-23Adds image `create` and `delete` functionality.Josh Kearney
2013-02-08Add Cinder API V1 SupportSteve Martinelli
2013-02-06Merge "Sync latest openstack-common."Jenkins
2013-01-31Sync latest openstack-common.Josh Kearney
2013-01-31Upgraded to PEP8 1.3.3 to stay aligned with Nova, etc.Josh Kearney
2013-01-29Use from oslo.Josh Kearney
2013-01-22Migrate from nose to testr.Josh Kearney
2013-01-22Clean up test environment and remove unused imports.Josh Kearney
2013-01-15Merge "Move from unittest2 to testtools"Jenkins
2013-01-15Move from unittest2 to testtoolsDean Troyer
2012-12-27Merge "bug 1091029"Jenkins
2012-12-27Increment minimum required keystoneclient version numberHenry Nash
2012-12-27Merge "Remove upper bounds on openstack dependencies."Jenkins
2012-12-16bug 1091029Ben Andrews
2012-11-16Remove upper bounds on openstack dependencies.James E. Blair
2012-09-06Add cliff prereqsDean Troyer
2012-08-22Merge "Keyring support for openstackclient."Jenkins
2012-08-21Add nosehtmloutput as a test dependency.Clark Boylan
2012-08-15Keyring support for openstackclient.Bhuvan Arumugam
2012-07-02Use PyPI for client libs.Monty Taylor
2012-06-25Add post-tag versioning.Monty Taylor
2012-06-22Create tests for shell interfaceDean Troyer
2012-05-16Moved test related packages to test-requiresLorin Hochstein
2012-05-04Add Identity to ClientManagerDean Troyer
2012-05-04Fix "help" command and implement "list server" and "show server"Doug Hellmann
2012-04-28Add openstack-common and test infrastructure.James E. Blair
2012-04-18First commitDean Troyer