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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-22Align with other projectsAndreas Jaeger
2017-08-01Fix py27dj110 tox environment: really use Django 1.10Luigi Toscano
2017-06-23Enable some off-by-default checksblue55
2017-05-05Reuse testenv env variables in py27/py35 envsIhor Kalnytskyi
2017-03-30Remove support for py34pawnesh.kumar
2017-03-10Indicating the location tests directory in oslo_debug_helperLuong Anh Tuan
2016-12-22Add Constraints supportTony Breeds
2016-09-12Drop unused directory in toxguangpei.liu
2016-07-25Merge "Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv"Jenkins
2016-07-25Add Python 3.5 classifier and venvShu Yingya
2016-07-23add py27dj110 testenvVitaly Gridnev
2016-06-29List system dependencies for running common testsAndreas Jaeger
2016-06-08Start using reno for release notesVitaly Gridnev
2016-03-25Add testenv for py34 jobsVitaly Gridnev
2016-03-24Add Django 1.9 testenvVitaly Gridnev
2016-02-29Merge "Install horizon more efficiently"Jenkins
2016-02-17Install horizon more efficientlyAkihiro Motoki
2016-02-02fix integration test screen shotsMark Vanderwiel
2015-12-31Adding integration test supportDavid Lyle
2015-11-30Excising Sahara content from HorizonDavid Lyle
2015-11-03Removing all code from previous dashboard incarnationChad Roberts
2014-07-22Enabled checks for E226, E251, E265Christian Berendt
2014-07-17Enabled hacking checks H305 and H307Christian Berendt
2014-06-16Added new hacking version to requirementsAlexander Ignatov
2014-03-12Renaming savannadashboard directory to saharadashboardChad Roberts
2013-12-20Migrate to testrNikita Konovalov
2013-12-19Renamed tox virtualenv for UI testsVadim Rovachev
2013-12-12Merge "Have tox install via develop"Jenkins
2013-12-12Have tox install via developJames E. Blair
2013-12-11Merge "Remove sitepackages usage from testenv"Jenkins
2013-12-11Remove sitepackages usage from testenvSergey Lukjanov
2013-12-10Added EDP testsVadim Rovachev
2013-09-23Added UI testsVadim Rovachev
2013-08-27Migrate to pbrSergey Lukjanov
2013-07-09License checks addedSergey Lukjanov
2013-07-09Add horizon to the pep8 excludesSergey Lukjanov
2013-07-02Fix pep8 and pyflakes versions and fix tox.iniSergey Lukjanov
2013-05-27Initial commit for savanna dashboard.Nikita Konovalov