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2017-12-13Adding Spark 2.2.0Telles Nobrega
2017-07-18Configurable Spark version for Vanilla imageJeremy Freudberg
2017-04-14Remove some codes of older version builderShu Yingya
2017-02-01Remove support for MapR 5.0.0 images6.0.0.0rc16.0.0Vitaliy Levitski
2016-12-13[DOC] Update support plugin version into docShu Yingya
2016-09-02Add support for building MapR 5.2 prebuilt imagesGrigoriy Rozhkov
2016-08-26Adding ability to create CentOS7 images with MapRTelles Nobrega
2016-08-22drop vanilla 2.6.0 support from elementsVitaly Gridnev
2016-07-05[HDP2.4] Add ambari elementpratik-gadiya
2016-07-04Fixing README.rstEthan Gafford
2016-06-27remove hdp from elementsVitaly Gridnev
2016-02-08Added support of Spark 1.6.0Michael Ionkin
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2015-08-31[HDP2] Add ambari elementSergey Reshetnyak
2015-07-10Use Cloudera element for Spark HDFSDaniele Venzano
2015-05-05Use tox env for building imagesSergey Reshetnyak
2015-03-26Don't use sudo for scriptSergey Reshetnyak
2015-02-12Adding new update option to diskimage-create.shMichael McCune
2014-11-28Image Elements for MapRArtem Osadchiy
2014-11-07Adding Storm as image optionTelles Nobrega
2014-10-10Fix problem with cloud-init on nova-networkDenis Egorenko
2014-10-07Refactoring IMAGE_TYPE to BASE_IMAGE_OSChad Roberts
2014-08-07Add ability to use CentOS local mirroriberezovskiy
2014-07-11Building Cloudera hadoop images with Cloudera Manageriberezovskiy
2014-06-02Adding options to control DIB repo branchMichael McCune
2014-05-19Modify whole java element to support JAVA_TARGET_LOCATIONiberezovskiy
2014-04-11Remove IDH supportMatthew Farrellee
2014-04-09Add ability to set DIB_IMAGE_SIZE parameter for CentOS imagesiberezovskiy
2014-03-13Add ability to use environment variables for image namesiberezovskiy
2014-03-13Renaming all Savanna references to SaharaMichael McCune
2014-03-03Adds Intel Distribution Hadoop element to savanna-image-elementsDenis Egorenko
2014-03-03Refactoring of diskimage-create scriptiberezovskiy
2014-02-11Add options for Spark and Vanilla pluginsDaniele Venzano
2013-12-18Add possibility to use local repositoriesiberezovskiy
2013-12-06Add CentOS supportiberezovskiy
2013-09-05Add diskimage-creating script, elements for mirrorsIvanBerezovskiy