BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge "Fix for MediaTypes in virtual media"Zuul3 days
stable/pikeMerge "import zuul job settings from project-config" into stable/pikeZuul4 weeks
stable/queensimport zuul job settings from project-configDoug Hellmann5 weeks
stable/rockyMerge "import zuul job settings from project-config" into stable/rockyZuul4 weeks
1.3.3commit 28556aae21...OpenStack Release Bot3 weeks
1.1.1commit ec068cdc16...OpenStack Release Bot4 weeks
1.6.0commit 8f952f874b...OpenStack Release Bot2 months
1.5.0commit 31cdd0f951...OpenStack Release Bot3 months
1.4.0commit fc012cb706...OpenStack Release Bot4 months
1.3.2commit ae06c028d4...OpenStack Release Bot5 months
1.3.1commit 97c6bb52de...OpenStack Release Bot7 months
1.3.0commit a31d7a40c3...OpenStack Release Bot8 months
1.2.0commit 8fe2904a62...OpenStack Release Bot11 months
1.1.0commit 659ef88e5a...OpenStack Release Bot13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysMerge "Fix for MediaTypes in virtual media"HEADmasterZuul
4 daysMerge "Add storage and simple_storage attr to system"Zuul
8 daysFix for MediaTypes in virtual mediaDebayan Ray
2018-09-01Cleanup names for message registryAija Jaunteva
2018-08-31Merge "Add Redfish Message Registry resource"Zuul
2018-08-31Merge "Caching ResourceCollectionBase::get_members()"Zuul
2018-08-31Merge "Add DictionaryField class to resource base"Zuul
2018-08-31Add storage and simple_storage attr to systemDebayan Ray
2018-08-31Merge "Add system storage resource support"Zuul
2018-08-28Merge "Add a virtual media resource"Zuul