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masterMerge "docs: Include information about the list of supported projects"Zuul9 hours
19.0.0commit 8316f962c5...OpenStack Release Bot3 months
18.0.0commit b9f9f89295...OpenStack Release Bot9 months
17.2.0commit 9bd78bcd65...OpenStack Release Bot12 months
17.1.0commit fbd26cf124...OpenStack Release Bot13 months
17.0.0commit ad75393a99...OpenStack Release Bot15 months
16.1.0commit 19e20abb93...OpenStack Release Bot16 months
16.0.0commit 517c95fcb7...OpenStack Release Bot19 months
15.0.0commit 8f98c4b60b...Ken'ichi Ohmichi21 months
14.0.0commit fba6f756af...Ken'ichi Ohmichi23 months
13.0.0commit ad37086e6a...Matthew Treinish2 years
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9 hoursMerge "docs: Include information about the list of supported projects"HEADmasterZuul
13 hoursMerge "Improve the user lock config options help message"Zuul
29 hoursMerge "docs: Fix plugin registry generation failures"Zuul
5 daysAdd a blank space between "eui_ip" and "when".lianghao
6 daysaddCleanup should be immediately after the creating statement.zhufl
7 daysImprove the user lock config options help messageghanshyam
8 daysRefactor cleanups for test_trustsMeg Heisler
10 daysMerge "Wait for IP add/remove in test_add_remove_fixed_ip"Zuul
11 daysMerge "Add api ref link for import_backup"Zuul
12 dayschange http links to https linkssunqingliang6