path: root/elements/delorean-repo
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-18Dummy patch to build a new rpm in RDOEmilien Macchi
2017-04-13Restore elements still in useMartin André
2017-04-12Remove unused elementsSteven Hardy
2017-02-02Follow HTTP/HTTPS redirects6.0.0.0rc1Julie Pichon
2016-09-20Add stable release to image elements5.0.0.0rc25.0.0Carlos Camacho
2015-09-25Enable delorean-depsJames Slagle
2015-04-23Make delorean.repo overrideableJames Slagle
2015-01-19Delorean: going back in time fails,package cachingDan Prince
2014-11-24Add a delorean-repo elementDan Prince