path: root/elements/hosts
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-13Restore elements still in useMartin André
2017-04-12Remove unused elementsSteven Hardy
2017-03-2451-hosts fails if given lots of changesKambiz Aghaiepour
2016-11-23Merge "Fix tr syntax in 51-hosts"Jenkins
2016-11-11Include lsb_release in the hosts element since it's used there.Mike Burns
2016-10-14Fix tr syntax in 51-hostsMatthew Flusche
2015-04-24Downcase /etc/hosts entriesJiri Stransky
2015-01-21Update correct cloud-init hosts template file on RHEL.Giulio Fidente
2014-08-18Fix diff return code in hosts elementJames Slagle
2014-08-05Hosts element: Use 'markers' for updating hostsEndre Karlson
2014-07-19Fix /etc/hosts SELinux file contextRichard Su
2014-02-10Use rfc compliant example data in hosts element.Robert Collins
2014-02-05Permit injecting entries into /etc/hosts.Robert Collins