path: root/elements/os-apply-config
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-02Merge "Update pbr version to match global requirements"Jenkins
2015-07-02Update pbr version to match global requirementsDerek Higgins
2015-04-30Migrate os-*-config to package-installs v2James Slagle
2015-02-09Add pkg-map for os-*-configMartin André
2015-01-20Support common venv for os-*-configGregory Haynes
2014-11-05Migrate to package-installs scriptsGregory Haynes
2014-10-23Remove pip install --preGregory Haynes
2014-08-12Merge "Revert "Fix argparse issue for RHEL 6.5.""Jenkins
2014-08-11Network init order fixes for VIPJulia Kreger
2014-08-09Revert "Fix argparse issue for RHEL 6.5."Brian Hou
2014-07-15Fix argparse issue for RHEL 6.5.Om Kumar
2014-07-11Remove references to os-config-applierGhe Rivero
2014-06-25Prepare os-*-config for CISteve Baker
2014-06-16Merge "add some missing “set -ue” declarations"Jenkins
2014-05-23indent using 4 spaces (3/3)Gonéri Le Bouder
2014-05-20add some missing “set -ue” declarationsGonéri Le Bouder
2014-04-30Revert "Provide an override level for os-apply-config"lifeless
2014-04-25Provide an override level for os-apply-configAlexis Lee
2014-04-10Merge "Activate venvs in os-*-config elements source install"Jenkins
2014-04-09Merge "Remove mostly empty directories"Jenkins
2014-04-09Activate venvs in os-*-config elements source installColeman Corrigan
2014-04-03Remove mostly empty directoriesJames Slagle
2014-03-25Create pip manifest files of installed packagesJon-Paul Sullivan
2014-03-24Explicitly install pbr via pipGregory Haynes
2014-03-19Always create o-a-c's $TEMPLATE_ROOTJames Slagle
2014-03-18os-*-config package install supportJames Slagle
2014-03-10Install latest version of pip and virtualenvMichael Kerrin
2014-01-13Don't install python-pipDerek Higgins
2013-09-18Ignore junk os-config-applier templates.Robert Collins
2013-08-26Upgrade setuptools to 1.10 or more in a newly created virtualenvsbauza
2013-08-05Install os-apply-config in a virtualenv.James Slagle
2013-06-14Rename os-config-applier to os-apply-config.Robert Collins