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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-03Add a 60 seconds timeout to ping_metadata_ip()David Vallee Delisle
2017-11-13Exclude 'vnet' interfaces from being candidates for running a dhcp client.Wojciech Dec
2017-06-02Use /etc/os-net-config/element_config.jsonDan Prince
2016-06-07Fix is_local_ip matchingFrançois Charlier
2016-03-31Merge "Work around leak in dhcp-all-interfaces udev rule"Jenkins
2016-02-26Correct ping test when using Swift temp_urls0.9.9Dan Prince
2016-01-26Work around leak in dhcp-all-interfaces udev ruleDan Prince
2015-09-17os-net-config: add configure_safe_defaultsDan Prince
2015-09-17os-net-config: add ping_metadata_ip functionDan Prince
2015-07-02Merge "Update pbr version to match global requirements"Jenkins
2015-07-02Update pbr version to match global requirementsDerek Higgins
2015-04-30Migrate os-*-config to package-installs v2James Slagle
2015-02-09Add pkg-map for os-*-configMartin André
2014-12-17os-net-config: log at log level info again...Dan Prince
2014-11-14os-net-config: use package-installsDan Prince
2014-10-28Merge "Make os-net-config depend on openvswitch"Jenkins
2014-10-23Make os-net-config depend on openvswitchDan Prince
2014-10-23Remove pip install --preGregory Haynes
2014-09-17Add an element to install os-net-config.Dan Prince