path: root/elements/os-refresh-config
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-03Create symlink for dib-run-partsrabi
2016-11-25Don't depend on os-collect-config elementSteve Baker
2016-11-14Set correct content-type for o-r-c curl callsJuan Antonio Osorio Robles
2016-05-11Don't send duplicate signals via 99-refresh-completedSteven Hardy
2015-07-02Merge "Update pbr version to match global requirements"Jenkins
2015-07-02Update pbr version to match global requirementsDerek Higgins
2015-06-16Return derived config id when signalling deploymentsSteven Hardy
2015-04-30Migrate os-*-config to package-installs v2James Slagle
2015-02-09Add pkg-map for os-*-configMartin André
2015-01-23Signal all o-a-c deployments in 99-refresh-completedSteven Hardy
2014-11-10Switch to the default os-refresh-config base dirDerek Higgins
2014-11-05Migrate to package-installs scriptsGregory Haynes
2014-10-23Remove pip install --preGregory Haynes
2014-08-09Revert "Fix argparse issue for RHEL 6.5."Brian Hou
2014-07-15Fix argparse issue for RHEL 6.5.Om Kumar
2014-06-25Prepare os-*-config for CISteve Baker
2014-05-28Merge "indent using 4 spaces (3/3)"Jenkins
2014-05-23indent using 4 spaces (3/3)Gonéri Le Bouder
2014-05-16Error out when complete waitcondition failsGregory Haynes
2014-04-24sort the element-deps to please dib-lintGonéri Le Bouder
2014-04-10Merge "Activate venvs in os-*-config elements source install"Jenkins
2014-04-09Activate venvs in os-*-config elements source installColeman Corrigan
2014-04-09refresh-completed always failingMichael Kerrin
2014-04-01Add support for "signals" to os-refresh-configClint Byrum
2014-03-25Create pip manifest files of installed packagesJon-Paul Sullivan
2014-03-24Explicitly install pbr via pipGregory Haynes
2014-03-20Make os-refresh-config install.d hook run laterJames Polley
2014-03-18os-*-config package install supportJames Slagle
2014-03-10Install latest version of pip and virtualenvMichael Kerrin
2014-02-27Add set -euxJames Slagle
2014-01-17Fixes for use behind proxyTom Hancock
2014-01-13Don't install git-coreDerek Higgins
2014-01-13Install os-refresh-config from release into a venvDerek Higgins
2013-11-28Correct os-refresh-config typo and formatJUN JIE NAN
2013-11-26Add default to metadata in 99-refresh-completedDerek Higgins
2013-11-25Make generic waitcondition for os-refresh-configClint Byrum
2013-11-15Use openstack git repos when possibleRoman Podoliaka
2013-09-05Fix dir install location in o-r-c README0.0.1Ghe Rivero
2013-08-17Update stackforge references to openstackMonty Taylor
2013-08-05Replace cfn-hup cron job with os-collect-configClint Byrum
2013-07-22Merge "Do not automatically start os-refresh-config."Jenkins
2013-07-17Use source-repository interface in orc elementDerek Higgins
2013-07-16Do not automatically start os-refresh-config.Clint Byrum
2013-07-07Put some order on os-refresh-config systemdDerek Higgins
2013-07-03Pass exception into string formattingDerek Higgins
2013-06-17Fix systemd services.Lucas Alvares Gomes
2013-05-08Run cfn-hup via a cron job.Clint Byrum
2013-04-29os-refresh-config is on stackforge now.Robert Collins
2013-03-21Fix os-refresh-config failing without scripts.Clint Byrum
2013-03-08Fix script that installs os-refresh-config scriptsClint Byrum