path: root/elements/os-svc-install
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-02-07os-svc-enable should error when no svcname given.Robert Collins
2014-01-24Do not drop databases without a good reasonClint Byrum
2014-01-23Add os-svc-restartJames Slagle
2014-01-06Pin virtualenv to 1.10.1 to work around pip bugClint Byrum
2013-12-16Export OS_SVC_ENABLE_CONTROl in upstart jobsClint Byrum
2013-12-16Fix os-svc-daemon missing env in upstart jobsClint Byrum
2013-12-12Don't enable services in os-svc-installDan Prince
2013-12-12Enable services with os-svc-enableDan Prince
2013-12-10Add a service enable/disable mechanism for upstartClint Byrum
2013-11-20Remove the systemctl daemon-reload commandsDerek Higgins
2013-11-15Use dib helper script to determine init systemRoman Podoliaka
2013-10-14Remove readable permissions for "other"Derek Higgins
2013-09-17Allow environment be specified for os-svc-installSteve Baker
2013-09-09Stop hard-coding the OpenStack PyPI mirror.Robert Collins
2013-08-26Upgrade setuptools to 1.10 or more in a newly created virtualenvsbauza
2013-08-20Use the correct url to openstack pypi mirrorDerek Higgins
2013-08-05Handle distribute -> setuptools migration.James Slagle
2013-07-16Merge "Add "install from directory" to os-svc-install"Jenkins
2013-07-16Add "install from directory" to os-svc-installDerek Higgins
2013-07-09Fix os-svc-install outside of boot-stack.Robert Collins
2013-06-28Use --no-site-package for services venv's (-nova)Lucas Alvares Gomes
2013-06-17Fix systemd services.Lucas Alvares Gomes
2013-06-06Remove useless code.Lucas Alvares Gomes
2013-05-21Merge "Add respawn limit to prevent infinite respawn."Jenkins
2013-05-19Merge "Add requirements.txt support to os-svc-install."Jenkins
2013-05-17Add requirements.txt support to os-svc-install.Clint Byrum
2013-05-17Add post-start option to os-svc-daemon.Clint Byrum
2013-05-16Add respawn limit to prevent infinite respawn.Clint Byrum
2013-05-14Avoid race condition with 1 second sleep.Clint Byrum
2013-05-07Add libz-dev to os-svc-install to fix raring.Clint Byrum
2013-04-25Add systemd support for os-svc-daemon.Lucas Alvares Gomes
2013-04-12Install pip requirements from Miller
2013-04-09A self-contained one-node baremetal openstack.Tim Miller
2013-04-04Do not require arguments for os-svc-daemon.Clint Byrum
2013-04-04Bring os-svc-install element docs up-to-date.Tim Miller
2013-04-03Streamline upstart scripts in os-svc-daemonClint Byrum
2013-04-02Run all openstack services in virtualenvs:Tim Miller
2013-03-12Correctly translate all branches/tags/shas:Tim Miller
2013-03-07Seperate install of services and start scripts:Tim Miller
2013-02-13Consolidate common OS installation into a script:Tim Miller